MASDAR© (Make Affected Small-businesses Develop And Recover)

National Impact is a Lebanese multidisciplinary non-profit organization (reg # 11986/WDB 2020) of professionals from around the world focused on eliminating poverty and social issues through transforming communities into productive self-reliant sustainable ones. To achieve our aim, we have a tripartite action plan: Humanitarian Actions, Awareness & Educational Events and Campaigns, and most importantly, studying and achieving local Sustainable Productive Job-Creating Projects.

On August 4, 2020 an explosion took place at the port of Beirut, Lebanon with a direct and indirect material damages that are estimated at US $15billion. The blast devastated Beirut killing 200, injuring 6,500, and leaving 300,000+ homeless.

Lebanon was already a country struggling in economic crisis; living through unprecedented civil disruption for years. The country’s currency has lost around 80% of its value and, according to a survey conducted by the World Food Program, the COVID-19 pandemic have left nearly one out of every three Lebanese unemployed. Nearly 1 million people in Lebanon were living below the poverty line before the explosion and, over the past six months, the price of monthly food staples has more than doubled.

GBN is pleased to support our member IBH Levant & Africa SAL and  the local charity that was chosen among many others “National Impact Foundation”, that is purposed to work alongside citizens to help rebuild the small businesses that were immediately affected by the explosion and who are the foundation and the essence of Beirut. Working with National Impact Foundation provides IBH Levant & Africa SAL, and our collective efforts, the ability to ensure those who need the help, are getting the help as donations are being exclusively and directly remitted to the National Impact Foundation.