Make the Sandy Hook Promise today and donate to a great cause

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Sandy Hook Promise is a US based national non-profit organization founded and led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the US on December 14, 2012. Their intent is to honour all victims of gun violence by providing programs and practices that protect children from gun violence. In the US, 53 children and teens are shot and 7 are killed by gun violence every day.


Sandy Hook Promise is proud to provide no-cost, easy-to-implement, downloadable gun-violence prevention programs and trainings to schools and youth serving organizations. One of those programs is, Start With Hello.


Start With Hello

Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely and treated like you are invisible. It is a growing epidemic in the United States and within our schools. Young people who are isolated can become victims of bullying, violence and/or depression. As a result, many further pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development and/or choose to hurt themselves or others. Their programme, ‘Start with Hello’ teaches students aged 6 to 18 the skills they need to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation and create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their school.


How Does This Program Work?

Start with Hello is a no-cost, easy-to-implement, and life-saving program that can be delivered in classes, assemblies or via student ambassadors. Training takes 50 minutes or less with a wide range of post-training activities and events to ensure sustainability and integration into the school culture. SHP will train educators and/or students or you can download a digital kit with presentation and resource guides.


Make the Sandy Hook Promise today and donate to a great cause.