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Anta Akhi was founded in 1992 by Yvonne Chami the charity gives support to adults with multiple disabilities, physical and mental with their daily needs. Most of the adults they support grew up in SESOBEL – A social service for the welfare of Lebanese children. SESOBEL is a sister association to Anta Akhihi.

Their mission is to support the growth of people who suffer from disability throughout their life. Also they wish to operate a change of perception by building a world together where we can live together, different but complementary. This would be through training and awareness to rehabilitate the able-bodied to gain knowledge about disability.

They strongly believe people are much more than they appear as each disabled person is a human being and everyone is entitled to live in dignity and be loved. Obstacles are part of like it is up to us to overcome them.

Regardless of limits that a disability imposes, disability may affect the body, potential and ability to communicate and the severity of their condition everyone should have the same value because they have the same needs as everyone else.

“It is not necessary to be rich, nor to have good health to be happy in life”
Roula Najm – Vice President & General Manager