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Active Capital Reinsurance Ltd. would like to share a campaign they have launched to support Fundacion Valórate, a charity that sets up educational and family programs that provide opportunities for children to achieve integral development.


Fundacion Valórate was set up in 2005 to support a key development need in Panama – Education. It focuses on three basic objectives: avoiding failure, dropping out of school and personal devaluation. Its mission is to support children with attention and learning difficulties in the most vulnerable segments of the community, reaching 10,000 educators by 2020.


Fundacion Valórate, through its services, provides equal opportunity to children so that they can fully exercise their right to integral education, as proposed by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.


“In a country like Panama, where most criminal gangs are recruiting the youngest members from rough neighbourhoods, Fundacion Valórate has made a big impact and difference rescuing many kids in the need for this specialized assistance! “ – Juan Antonio Nino Pulgar, CEO/President of Active Capital


Active Capital would like to share their story and ask for your support in working together for a great cause that is impacting their local community and is close to their hearts.


Help support the children of Panama with learning difficulties, donate today for a better tomorrow.


Fundación Valórate es una ONG comprometida con la educación panameña. Atendiendo a más de 700 niños en 10 centros alrededor del país, Fundación Valórate ha hecho su misión brindar y fortalecer la educación en las áreas más necesitadas de Panamá. A través de sus diversos programas y servicios, Fundación Valórate provee las herramientas y oportunidades necesarias para lograr llevar a más niños ejercer su derecho de recibir una educación integral. Active Capital Reinsurance Ltd. Felicita y se compromete con esta noble labor, llevando su mensaje y siendo patrocinador oficial desde hace más de 5 años.




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